Have you noticed? Luxury was once defined as “indulgence in and enjoyment of rich, comfortable, and sumptuous living”, today “Luxury” has become one of the most overused, worn and tattered words in the English language. It has become a descriptive of everything from fine wine and expensive cars to yoga classes and dog toys. “Exclusively for everybody”.

The term “luxury home” should mean something extraordinary—something endowed with advantages that don’t easily depreciate, qualities that time doesn’t change: location, light, architectural uniqueness, ceiling heights and sheer square footage – more than just shelter, your home should be an extension of who you are. A reflection of your life experiences. Your impeccable taste, love of art or family or cars or books and travel. All things you.

Because you are extraordinary, your home should be as well.

Welcome to the new / old luxury.
Rich, comfortable, sumptuous living.

Welcome to Al Ross Luxury Homes.


Real magic happens when you combine the kind of collaboration we have with our architect and designer with the vision of Al Ross Luxury Homes. It’s hard to describe in words but it’s all of those things that delight and inspire you. Everything you want to believe about quality and depth, foresight and capability.

Al Ross works closely with designer JD Bartell who shares Al’s vision of the perfect experience in owning a home. That is providing the highest level of quality combined with value, innovation and luxury. Their collective focus is about the client and their experience living in an Al Ross Luxury Home. It is about creating a unique work of art – one of a kind in every way. It is about reaching beyond what has been done before and getting right there on the edge. It is aggressive design and function with smooth and rhythmic results.


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